John’s journey to Rwanda

Have you ever seen or read something that has really moved you and made you want to do something worthwhile?  For many of us that feeling of inspiration rarely translates into action.  We often want to do something, but don’t know how or what we can do.  That wasn’t the case with John Stanlake.

When John felt disillusioned with his job in 2009 he took steps to do something more meaningful.  Over the past few years he has been volunteering across the world, helping young people to build a better future.  He finds real inspiration and joy from sharing and connecting with youngsters.

John is not one of life’s loud extroverts.  He is a quietly spoken and sincere young man who’s patience and presence speaks volumes.  He has an incredible skill of writing – painting vivid and compelling stories through his blog.

Whilst working as a teacher in Rwanda John’s students asked him to make sure the world didn’t forget the 1994 genocide.  He has made it his mission to share their story with the world – this is John’s story.

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18 Responses to John’s journey to Rwanda

  1. Neil & Carol Stanlake says:

    Really enjoyed this excellent video and our sincere thanks go to Stuart & Liz for taking the time and trouble to support John’s passion for Rwanda.
    Very proud parents of our wonderful caring son !

  2. Liz Scott says:

    Neil and Carol – I’m not surprised you’re proud of John. He’s a great young man

  3. Jim O'Connor says:

    Seeing that excellent video makes me love and admire my dear grandson John more than ever. The genocide in Rwanda ,which he studied in depth, had a profound effect on him and he is compassionate towards the less fortunate in this unjust world of ours . I am very proud of him.

  4. Keith Stanlake says:

    We were very impressed John. Well done.

  5. Stuart Newberry says:

    In the making of this video I was touched, moved and inspired by John. He is making a difference in the world and I think he’s destined for great things. Well done John. Good luck with your current assignment and then onto the next one……

  6. Jim O'Connor says:

    Seeing the excellent video, of my dear grandson John, makes me so proud of him.
    It is always a pleasure to read his ‘blogs’- great writing !

  7. Ted and Ruth Parkhouse says:

    A riveting video which was both informative but also very moving. What an amazing journey you’re having, John, no wonder your parents are so proud

  8. Barbara and Brian Burrows says:

    All due respect to John, we are sure he will go far and wish him all success with his future plans. We understand his passion for “The Green Army”!

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  10. Alicia Phillips says:

    Well done John! Great Job! Continue the awesomeness :)

  11. Robbie & Julie Roberts says:

    Well done John – we both very much liked your video interview and always enjoy your blogs.

  12. Hello John
    I have just watched your video and was so impressed with your performance.
    was so inforative and what a lovely caring teacher you are. How proud we are of you
    Continue doing what you enjoy. Up the Greens. Much love

  13. A E Wrathall says:

    Hello John.
    Not sure if we have met, but have heard of the good work that you are doing and spreading the word of THE GREEN ARMY, perhaps we will meet-up one day
    Yours, Tony Wrathall. (former Director of, Plymouth Argyle Football Club,)

  14. Dee Brodie says:

    Very inspirational and moving – what an amazing young man!

  15. Thank you all very much for the kind comments, and thank you to Liz and Stu for making the film. It was a real pleasure for me and an honour to be asked! I hope Liz and Stu don’t mind, but I’d also like to share this brief presentation I put together shortly after I arrived back in the UK from Rwanda.

  16. On the 20th anniversary of the genocide of Rwanda, I watched your videos, John. They really are remarkable records of your experiences. Thankyou for sharing them with us.