Harry’s Story

Dee is a special person.  She has a generosity and warmth that radiates out touching everyone she meets.

I have no idea how many friends Dee has. People are attracted to her – she seems to radiate an aura of friendship and acceptance.  We all seem to end up around her table eating brunch, or supper or an afternoon tea.  Everyone is welcome.

I was really taken aback when I first realised that one of Dee’s children had died.  People who have lost a child are often haunted by their memories, there is a sadness in their eyes that never lifts.  Dee wasn’t like this.  She described Harry and his illness with such heartfelt honesty.  There was no doubt that she missed him, but the over-riding emotion when I listened to Dee was of gratitude in having had Harry in her life.

I hope you enjoy hearing Dee’s story – like I say she is a very special person.

Dee is also a great coach and works intuitively with clients addressing issues from a place of heart and wisdom.  deebrodie.com


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14 Responses to Harry’s Story

  1. Wendy Headeach says:

    Dee, wow. I could use all the usual words, like inspirational, but what comes to me is your human dignity, if that makes sense! You have also helped my feelings around my own loss be clearer, more acceptable somehow, thank you! Xxx

  2. estelle thistleton says:

    Truthful… optimistic… beautiful… painful… funny….loving. thank you Liz for capturing this magnificent story.

  3. Dee, thank you for sharing so beautifully. You are an inspiration and can only imagine how helpful this is to so many xx

  4. Linda Brown says:

    As a Mum of one of Harry’s amazing friends it is easy to remember all the joy that existed around Harry. He was truly a very special human being and I miss him and often think about the times we all shared. You were right Dee about the noise and the language when the lads were together. We will never forget him and hearing Dee’s words just took me back to those years and can only smile for the memories and what Harry taught us.

  5. Jim Connelly-Webster says:

    Dee, thank you for sharing Harry and your story so beautifully, I am really left with a sense of who he was and of your relationship.

  6. roz walker says:

    so moving and beautiful, you are such a gem, thanks for sharing that Dee.

  7. Terence Wilkin says:

    When I saw this it brought back so many memories, I cried, I remember going through this, but Dee shielded us form so much of what was going on. We all knew on the outside, the prognosis was poor, but it was always a laugh going to see Hazza, bless him, but he was the incredible person he became, because of his mum. Dee’s other two children turned out to be pretty special as well.

  8. Terence Wilkin says:

    hi forgot to say i am Dee’s better looking twin brother!!

  9. Edina says:

    Dee darling I am so proud to have you as a dear friend , I’ve watched this 3 times now and still cry each time …..I love you so much .

  10. Neil & Carol Stanlake says:

    A very sad but moving story about a very brave lad !

  11. Jim O'Connor says:

    A story that can bring a tear to one’s eye but also a smile to your face . You had a brave son Dee and he ( may he rest in peace ) had a brave and loving mother and good friends who gave him so much happiness in life.

  12. Dee – thanks for sharing your family’s story. It’s incredibly moving and inspirational. It also made me smile on many occasions, as it was told with such joy, despite the obvious sadness felt.