Finding your voice

I remember so clearly the day I first met Julian Marshall.  A mutual friend had invited a group out for a walk.  There were about a dozen of us  walking across Dartmoor near the Avon Damn, dipping in and out of conversations as we walked.

I hadn’t met Julian before but was struck at his warmth and friendliness as he described his life as a musician. It was during this conversation that he agreed to become my piano teacher.

As we continued talking a fellow walker interjected telling me that Julian was actually an extremely successful musician.  He had had a number one in the late 1970s (Dancing in the City) and another hit with the Flying Lizards (Money).

This information impressed me greatly and I felt really chuffed that I would be getting lessons from someone who had such a fascinating background.

Julian has been my piano teacher since 2008; he’s one of the best coaches I know.  So it really took me by surprise to learn that this skilled musician has had moments of self doubt.  How could anyone with such a wealth of talent doubt themselves?

For Julian the past few years have been about ‘finding his voice’.  He has been on an extraordinary journey that has seen him uncover fresh creativity as he’s explored the world of classical composition.

In this interview Julian explains how he started to ‘find his voice’ after spending a rather ordinary weekend in Winchester.

You can contact Julian Marshall through the London Song Company







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