Liminal Spaces

Re-fueling your soul

Every day we mix with dozens of people, some of whom inspire us and some who leave us feeling flat. I think it’s important to actively seek out people who re-fuel our souls.

Ian Adams is one of those people.  He is the kind of man who has a gentle, quiet spirit that seems to magnetically connect with you.

He draws his inspiration from the ancient Jesus tradition and has the ability to communicate the essence of the Christian message with heartfelt simplicity.

Liminal Spaces

In this interview we explore liminal spaces.  These are places that are on the threshold between old and new.  They may be uncomfortable, but out of them are born new possibilities.

Ian eventually went on to write his first book Cave, Refectory, Road after visiting Lindisfarne (Holy Island).  This proved to be his liminal space; this was where he reconnected with the ancient wisdom of the monastic tradition that inspired him to write.


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Liz Scott is a powerful public speaker and can be booked to give talks on the Wild and Precious project email:


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