Life after brain injury

What’s really important in life?

In 1993 Peter Buckingham sustained serious head injuries in a car crash.  Everything he had once taken for granted had to be re-learned. This included eating, talking and writing.  In essence he had to re-learn how to live again.

Now, nearly 20 years on, he reflects back on his life and what this accident has taught him.

Accepting what is

One of the most important things he’s realised is to accept that which can’t be changed – he also now appreciates and values the simple things in life.

I was so touched when I spoke with Peter.  He always has a smile bubbling behind his eyes and he expresses some profound thoughts in such a simple way.

Contacting Peter

Peter gives talks about his experiences along with his wife, Ann Buckingham (you can hear her side of the story here).  Peter can be emailed on and his wife is 

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4 Responses to Life after brain injury

  1. Peter’s story is both touching and inspiring – this is what I would describe as a fuller reflection the field of psychosomatic, psychysocial and psychospiritual integration.

  2. Thank you Peter for sharing your story. Its humbling, powerful and very moving.

  3. Dee Brodie says:

    Peter you are a complete inspiration. Your shining spirit glows off the screen.

  4. estelle thistleton says:

    Beautiful Peter, your experiences have distilled out the truly valuable essence of life…thank you for sharing it