How well do you know people?

How well do you really know people?  In my experience I realise I don’t know people very well at all.  I may think I know them, but scratch the surface and it’s a different story.

Take Ann Buckingham.  I have known Ann for several years as a warm, spirited and vibrant lady who was passionate about learning and interested in personal development.  We went along to similar events and we would often have great conversations over coffee.

Seeing people differently

One day we were introducing ourselves to a new member at one of our groups.  Ann introduced herself and I saw her in a different light.  I was astounded at the rich and fulfilling life she had lived.

She talked about her life as a businesswoman, a head teacher, someone who’s met the emperor of Japan.  She explained how her husband had been brain damaged in a car accident and how she seizes every opportunity in life to develop herself and her ideas.

Ann’s story

You can’t help but be touched by Ann’s story.  There are three key lessons Ann has learned from life and she shares them with you in this very moving and personal account.

Ann works with a group of coaches at she is also contactable on her email You can watch her husband’s story here.

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6 Responses to How well do you know people?

  1. Srimati says:

    Ah, Lovely Liz… So wonderful to see your beautiful project underway – how exciting! And dear Ann! I met Ann at one of your Coaching Connect events and we had some meetings after that. What an amazing, fascinating person she is! So brilliant to capture some of her golden soul on film. You definitely have a talent for this and it is fabulous to see your passion for people’s stories manifesting into such a resource for all to see. I have a distinct sense that the first few episodes of Wild and Precious (great name!) are the beginning of something massive! Well done Gail for helping to inspire you – I enjoyed her video too. And all the very best to you and Stu with Wild and Precious (by the way, the photo of you two on the ‘about us’ page is absolutely lovely!). Srimati x

  2. Estelle says:

    Absolutely beautiful and inspiring, what a great name, great video, great subject great insight seems so very YOU Liz xx

  3. penny weekes, occupational therapist says:

    Peter and Ann, what an inspiring couple – it has been a privelege to know you both during Peter’s recovery from brain injury, i am sure you will be a huge positive influence for many people who may access your videos on this site – great work, take care, Penny.

  4. Peter Buckingham says:

    Thanks for your feedback Penny.
    I was starting to wonder if anybody read these entries.
    See you with our friend from Newton Abbot (forgot his name- what’s new!) whenever is convenient.
    Thanks again,

    Please respond so I’m aware that you have received it.

  5. Dagmar MacQueen says:

    Liz and Peter. Any words I can find are inadequate to express the gratitude and humility I experienced at the meeting yesterday where I met you both for the first time in the context of an introduction to EFT . Truly inspiring and humbling. I feel priveledged to have shared in a tiny piece of your story. May God go with you always. Dagmar