Gail Adams story

What is our hunch?

Our hunch is that everyone has an inspiring story to tell.  They just need the time and space to share it.  We explored this hunch whilst learning how to use a video camera on a training day.

I contacted a coaching friend and asked if she would be our guinea-pig as we learnt the ropes with the camera.  Would she come and be intereviewed by me as we were taught how to operate the equipment?  Gail readily agreed.

The stories that lie hidden

Gail and I are ‘coffee mates’.  In other words, we socialise and enjoy each others’ company mainly over visits to coffee shops.  Gail is a fellow coach and we’ve known each other for just over a year.

I asked Gail if she would mind sharing a profound or inspiring moment/story from her life.   Something that we could use with our ‘Wild and Precious’ project.  Pausing slightly she said, “I once faced a life-threatening condition, is that the kind of thing you mean?”

I was astounded – I had no idea that Gail had experienced this.  It confirmed to me that many of us have stories that lie hidden, many of which never see the light of day.  We set the camera up and started the interview.

Gail’s story

Gail is one of life’s gentle, wise souls.  She shared her story in such a simple and profound way.  The experience could have left her scared and scarred by life.  Instead she has embraced it as one of life’s experiences to learn from.


My one wild and precious life from Floating Lime Media on Vimeo.

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