What inspires you?

Stu and Liz

Stu and Liz

What really inspires you?  This was a question I started asking myself in earnest as 2011 dawned.  

2010 had been a year that had seen me ‘drifting’.  The previous year we had nearly adopted a young boy.  However we had to pull out of the adoption process, realising it wasn’t the right decision to take.

Taking stock in 2010

2010 was a time to take stock whilst closing this chapter on our lives.  Rather than raising a child, which would have been a full-time, plate-spinning vocation, we had to re-adjust.

That re-adjustment took about a year.

A fresh start in 2011

In January 2011 I realised that I no longer wanted to ‘drift’ - it was time to re-engage with life fully.   I didn’t want to return to a treadmill, that was when I asked myself the question, “What really inspires me?”

Over the past few months, rather than talking endlessly to friends and family in an attempt to discover the answer, I allowed the question to ‘sit’ with me.

What really inspires me

After months of ‘sitting’ with the question the answer began to emerge.  I began to realise that the thing that really inspires me is people.  I realised that when I get beneath the surface of someone I become incredibly moved and touched by their lives.

Wild and Precious

“Wild and Precious” is a project that’s been developed so that I (and my husband Stu) can meet ordinary people who have extraordinary stories to tell. I believe we all have inspiring stories within us.

I hope you are as inspired as I am by some of the stories you hear.

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